Our Vision

Our vision is that autonomous vehicles will be ubiquitous within a few years. They will make the roads safe. They will solve congestion and air quality issues in urban zones. They will enable people with disabilities. They will improve productivity and working conditions in agriculture and heavy industry. In short, they will push mankind forward.

Our Mission

We founded in 2014 to turn our vision into reality by providing turnkey, packaged software solutions for a wide range of driverless or autonomous vehicles and the needs to manage the fleets of such vehicles.

Our Company is a brand and the business name under which Robosoft Driverless Solutions a well-funded, rapidly growing startup, headquartered in Toulouse (France), with offices in Paris and Singapore.

We have a very simple talent acquisition policy: "we're always recruiting". We do not hesitate to create a position when we are fortunate enough to receive unsolicited applications from exceptionally talented candidates.

Avis de projet de fusion

Par acte sous seing privé en date du 17 novembre 2016, la société Robosoft Driverless Solutions (nom commercial : et la société EasyMile ont établi un projet de traité de fusion par voie d’absorption de la société EasyMile par Robosoft Driverless Solutions.

Les détails sont publiés ici.

En application de l’article R. 236-2-1 du Code de commerce, le présent avis de projet de fusion est également publié sur les sites internet des sociétés fusionnantes (pour EasyMile : et pour Robosoft Driverless Solutions :

ROBOSOFT Driverless Solutions, SAS
Siret 803 184 845 RCS Toulouse
Siege social : 3 avenue Didier Daurat, 31400 TOULOUSE est la marque et le nom commercial de ROBOSOFT Driverless Solutions